VCAL curriculum alignment

The print-based SAFE-T1 teaching and learning activities have all been aligned to VCAL.

While most of the activities, including the online and multimedia activities, can be used to support the Work Related Skills units of VCAL, many of the activities also support other VCAL units. VCAL, as an applied learning curriculum, supports integrated skill development and the most successful VCAL programs are often those that integrate units from the different strands (e.g. Work Related Skills with Reading and Writing or Numeracy). The SAFE-T1 teaching and learning activities support an integrated approach. However, the activities can also be used to provide a theme or context for Personal Development Skills, Numeracy, Reading and Writing and/or the Oral Communication Units.


Note: The activities in the SAFE-T1 units are designed to support student learning but may also be used for assessment purposes. If the activities are to be used as assessment tasks, teachers should check the relevant curriculum document, e.g. the VCAL Curriculum Planning Guides, to ensure all the elements are covered and the activity is consistent with the unit purpose statement.