Student animation – Lonely Parts Club


 Lonely Parts Club is a claymation developed by a group of students from the Northern Metropolitan Institute of TAFE (NMIT). The students (VCAL Intermediate) had no previous experience or background in animation. Through a series of steps and workshops --‐ incorporating literacy, numeracy and teamwork skills --‐ they discovered the playful work of making plasticine appear to move on the screen in the form of characters. In the process they worked as a team, discussed ideas, learnt how to write a script, did some tactile modelling and saw their creations come to life.  

What they produced is an engaging (and sometimes funny) animation about a serious subject – workplace safety.

See also the teacher resource, Animate and engage, that provides a ‘how-to’ to creating simple animations.

Author: NMIT students with Blue Lava

Tags: User:Teacher;User:Student;Other hazards;Causes of OHS incidents;Awareness;Resources by students;Multimedia