You choose – safety or ??


A unit of work containing teaching ideas, activities and student worksheets.

Most of the time we need to follow the directions and instructions of our boss or supervisor. BUT what if the boss asks us to do something unsafe or the supervisor singles us out to humiliate us? These are the times when we need to ‘speak up’ and make choices about what to do.  Doing what is safe can, sometimes, be hard and the focus of this unit is on making choices that help keep young workers safe.

This unit, You choose – safety or ?? (1MB), has seven activities. Five activities use different industry contexts and different hazards to encourage students to think about choices they have when confronted with an unsafe work situation and the benefits and risks associated with the choice. Using the first activities as a model, students develop a case study where a young worker is confronted with an OHS issue. Students also decide on the choices the young person has, the benefits of these and the risks. Activity 7 asks students to research their rights and responsibilities in relation to undertaking unsafe workplace tasks.

The file is a pdf.

Mapped to VCAL (WRS, PDS, R&W, OC) and VELS.

Author: Jan Hagston, VALA

Tags: User:Teacher;Agriculture;Construction;Hospitality;Manufacturing;Retail;Causes of OHS incidents;Speak up;PDF