Bust a rhyme not an arm – writing an OHS rap


A unit of work containing teaching ideas, activities and student worksheets.

In this unit, students will write a rap song that deals with OHS.  The unit provides a fun way to engage students in workplace safety issues and offers the opportunity to integrate the topic with literacy and music.

The unit has two activities. In Activity 1, students analyse the features of a rap song to gain an understanding of how rap songs are written. In Activity 2, they will use this information to help them write their own rap song with a message about workplace health and safety incidents and how to prevent them.

The unit builds on the OHS Rap produced by students from Narre Warren South P-12 College. You can also hear Let's work safe, another student written OHS rap.

Bust a rhyme not an arm – writing an OHS rap (919kb)

Author: Lee Kindler

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