What value my body?


Mastering the numeracy and maths associated with Occupational Health and Safety contributes greatly to a true understanding of important OHS issues.

There are two activities in this unit:

Activity 1: Body money - value of body parts in which learners become aware of the value of parts of the body through temporary immobilization a part of their bodies and gathering data on the impact of this which is presented in a range
of different ways.
Activity 2: Don’t hurt me - body parts at risk of injury in which students design and conduct a survey about the parts of the body that are most likely to be injured in a range of workplaces and the likely causes.

This is one of three units dealing with OHS and numeracy. They are suitable for use by both maths teachers and teachers who do not have a strong mathematical background or who are not experienced in teaching numeracy. The other units are:

  • Monsters beware!
  • Risky stuff.

Download What value my body? (1MB).


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