Operation Bodge Dab - Don’t be a zombie at work


This online, interactive game is located at the BodgeDab Industries and you are the safety officer. Find tools and information, clean up BodgeDab industries, help co-workers and avoid becoming a zombie.

Slippery floors, hot cooking equipment, heavy lifting, loud noises and working alone are some of the dangers workers face. These dangers can lead to fatalities and serious injury if workers are not aware of them and how to protect themselves against being injured on the job. The game progresses through four levels - a restaurant, a storage warehouse, an office and a factory.  This free, online computer game is designed to help young workers stay safe in the workplace.

Author: American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

Tags: User:Teacher;User:Student;Hospitality;Manufacturing;Lifting and pushing;Slips, trips and falls;Working with chemicals;Multimedia