Monsters beware!


Mastering the numeracy and maths associated with Occupational Health and Safety contributes greatly to a true understanding of important OHS issues.

The two activities in this unit focus on three important questions:

  • Which hazards are most likely to be the cause of injuries?
  • What warning systems are being used in workplaces?
  • How is signage used in workplaces? What makes signage effective?

This is one of three units dealing with OHS and numeracy. The units are written so they can be used by both maths teachers and teachers who do not have a strong mathematical background or who are not experienced in teaching numeracy. They contain: approaches to using the activities; preliminary and follow up exercises; suggested questions for discussion; and student worksheets and handouts, including guides for creating tables, graphs and reports.

The other units are:

  • Risky stuff
  • What value my body.

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