Example of the QA document for Foundation and Intermediate WRS Unit 1


In this example of QA documentation students research an issue, prepare mini-lessons, and deliver mini-lessons to students at Specialist school.

A great applied learning activity in which students individually research a series of work related issues including employee rights and responsibilities, raising OH&S issues, personal safety plans, working safely, hazard identification, risk assessment, OH&S in practise and OH&S in the community in order to present them to the students at a specialist school as mini OH&S lessons. The research is submitted as a part of their work folio.

Each lesson is filmed and the supervising and classroom teachers provide feedback about the lesson. Students review the footage after each lesson and undertake an evaluation which informs the lesson plan for the next week. Students must submit the original lesson plan, the evaluation of the lesson, the changes that they have made to the lesson plan, justifications of the changes and the final lesson plan. This is submitted as part of their work folio.

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Author: Narelle Greenwood

Tags: User:Teacher;Other Industry;Other hazards;Awareness;PDF